Why Comics? School Events

What do we offer schools?

We offer interactive workshops and class/year-wide assembly presentations for 1-2 hours - to a full day of activities. 

Aim: Our workshops and presentations aim to build empathy and understanding on vital global social issues, increasing social inclusion and cohesion throughout the school community (with content tailored to suit the relevant age group with space for questions at the end of each section). 

Suggested format (50-100 minutes)



We charge £500 p/d plus travel, which is then donated to our education charity Why Comics?. We would be happy to run several workshops/presentations to maximise the time (which is often what we've done in other schools), or could just run one for £250 if its London based.

Our team are based in South East London, and if it's more than 1.5 hours travel each way then it will be classed as a full day.

All our school-based activities are tailored according to the subject, or year group, and can be adapted to focus on key topics (e.g. bullying, racism, divorce, LGBTI issues, mental health etc.). 

We can offer 3 full days for £1,000 (so one day free). Please get in touch if you are a state school, and are unable to afford the above. 



You can view a selection of the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have received from teachers and students alike worldwide across a wide demographic. To date, over 650 schools in 32 countries have provided detailed feedback on our resources and school workshops and presentations.  


Please contact if you would like any more information. 

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