What's Our Methodology?


Want to engage with contemporary human rights and social issues?

At Why Comics? we believe that learning should be fun, engaging and most importantly relevant to the world we live in. That’s why all our free resources are based on true stories.

Children and young people told us they want to engage with contemporary issues and teachers said they want to teach them too! 

All of our resources have been designed by students and teachers, for students and teachers.


All of our free resources for 7-18-year-olds are based on real-life stories

Why Comics? is revolutionising the learning experience. Our resources use true stories to communicate important global issues such as racism, bullying, migration, conflict, slavery, addiction and climate change.

The Why Comics? team then layers the comics with contextual, interactive multi-media resources (such as news articles, videos and maps). These have all be deemed age-appropriate and from reliable sources by curriculum developers. 

We then test everything in the classroom before we send it out to our school's network.


Check out our bespoke KS2-5 lesson plans for multiple subjects

We design bespoke lesson plans for each comic on a variety of subjects (such as English, Geography, ESOL, PHSE, Art, ICT and Media Studies), specially designed to fit the UK curriculum while remaining current and stimulating to a wide audience.

We want to fuel children’s and young people’s curiosity, encouraging dialogue, empathy and a more inclusive school environment.


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We'll let you know when we release new materials so you can be the first to use them!


Where do our comics come from?

Our comics and animations are mainly donated from the award-winning non-profit PositiveNegatives, which has over 5 years’ experience in research and production and has worked extensively with a range of organisations such as The GuardianOpen Society Foundations (OSF)BBCThe Nobel Peace CentreOverseas Development Institute (ODI) and the United Nations (UN), and with leading academic institutions such as; Harvard South Asia Centre, SOAS University of London and University of Sussex.

PositiveNegatives is an organisation committed to telling people’s stories in the form of comics, animations and podcasts. PositiveNegatives use visual communications tools to raise awareness on international human rights and social issues. The illustrations protect the identity of the central characters, allowing them to speak freely and be heard by a wider, international audience. When the comics have been widely distributed in the media, PositiveNegatives then donates them to Why Comics?, where our team turns them into educational resources!

Check out PositiveNegatives’ methodology based on in-depth research and development.



Why Comics? is based at the Faber Building, SOAS University of London.

Registered Charity Number: 1172791

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