Nadia's Journey - Yazidi Mother's flight across Europe from Iraq

Meet Nadia… Yazidi people have been heavily persecuted by extremists for thousands of years, simply because of their religious beliefs. Nadia is Yazidi and this is the story of her escape from ISIS controlled Iraq.

Nadia and her husband became afraid of the extremists in Iraq. They were particularly concerned for the safety of daughter, So Nadia’s husband her daughter went ahead to Europe. At 11 she was at risk of being killed or sold as a sex slave.

Nadia was left travelling alone with her two young boys, already heavily pregnant.  After a long journey through Serbia and Turkey they risked their lives taking a dingy to Greece. There, Nadia discovered that she had lost her baby due to stress. She was devastated.

After walking through Macedonia where they were robbed, injured and without out food and water Nadia and her children reached Serbia. We interviewed Nadia in a refugee camp. Nadia is desperate to reach Germany to be reunited with her husband and daughter.

This comic was comissioned by Care International.

Discussion Points

  1. What are your initial thoughts and feelings after reading Nadia’s story?

  2. What does it mean to be ‘Yazidi’ and why did Nadia have to leave Iraq? [TIP: read the top of page 1]

  3. What would you do if you found yourself in Nadia’s position?

  4. Does Nadia’s story change the way you think about refugees (someone fleeing conflict, persecution, or natural disasters) and asylum seekers (someone seeking asylum in another country as a political refugee)?

  5. How do you think Nadia feels now?

  6. What do you think it is like to separate from your family?

  7. What could governments do to prevent stories like Nadia’s?

  8. Has Nadia’s story impacted the way you think about refugees and asylum seekers?

  9. How does Nadia’s story compare to the stories in the media?

  10. How are you different, and similar to Nadia?

  11. How can we help to integrate refugees and asylum seekers into our communities?


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